Founded in 1890, the YMCA of Metropolitan Fort Worth began its mission in Fort Worth using a Gospel Wagon to reach out to residents. For its 120-year history, the YMCA has always been here for good – for the good of the community and its residents.

YMCA says Goodbye to Fort Worth’s Mr. Baseball

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A young Bobby Bragan speaks at the Westside YMCA in the 1950s.

Bobby Bragan speaks at YMCA Fundraising Kickoff in 2009

As Fort Worth says goodbye to Mr. Bobby Bragan, known as “Cowtown’s Mr. Baseball,” the YMCA of Metropolitan Fort Worth would like to honor him for his life-long connections to the YMCA.  Bragan began speaking to YMCA groups as a young man. Above, you can see him speaking to  a group in the early 1950’s at the Westside YMCA. In fact, he spoke to “hundreds of YMCA dads and their sons at father and son gatherings” according to a Resolution recognizing him in 1957 for his “example, leadership and services to the YMCA and the youth of our community.” Mr. Bragan continued to be a friend of the Fort Worth YMCA, offering to provide the keynote address last year at the Kickoff for the YMCA’s Step up for Kids annual fundraising campaign in September, 2009 held at the Fort Worth Cats’ LaGrave Field. Above right, you can see him pictured with Chris Johnson, chair of the Step up for Kids campaign and Tony Shuman, President/CEO of the YMCA of Metropolitan Fort Worth.

We honor Mr. Bragan and his tremendous committment to Fort Worth and all of its organizations.

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