1960-1970: Changes & Growth

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As the 60s came to an end, the YMCA was in a growth mode in Fort Worth.  By 1967, the YMCA had 8 branches, including Camp Carter, the Central (later renamed Downtown) branch,  the Eastside branch,  and McDonald, Northeast, Eastside, Northwest, TCU-Southside and Westside branches.
In addition, the first woman to serve on the YMCA Metropolitan Board of Directors was Mrs. Baird Freeman who was elected to membership during this time period.

Fort Worth's TCU-Southside YMCA

TCU-Southside YMCA. Later became the Southwest YMCA and moved to Barwick Drive

The Eastside YMCA branch completed a new building in 1968 on Sandy Lane, which still houses the branch today.

Eastside YMCA, circa 1968

The Eastside YMCA when it was completed in 1968

The new branches were funded through a Capital Campaign held in the early 60s.

Fort Worth YMCA newsclip 60's

Fort Worth YMCA Newsclip - Success!

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