Camp Carter YMCA – The Early Days

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Y Staff hold a meeting at the lake at Camp Carter YMCA

YMCA Staff Meeting at Camp Carter

YMCA Staff Meeting at Camp Carter

Camp Carter was founded in 1948 and began to flourish with campers in the 1950s. We have a few pictures from those days depicting campers or staff at Camp Carter.  Several appreciation days were held for Amon Carter who, along with his son, Amon Carter, Jr., founded the camp with a gift of land and worked very hard to raise money and contribute to the development of programs and facilities at Camp Carter.

Amon Carter Sr. Founded Camp Carter YMCA

Amon Carter, Sr.

Amon Carter, Jr.

Amon Carter, Jr.

Dedication at Camp Carter YMCA

Dedication at Camp Carter YMCAPostcard for Camp Carter YMCA

This early postcard reads on the back, “Typical Scene at Amon Carter YMCA Camp on Meandering Road, Fort Worth, Texas.  Erected in 1949, the year of Fort Worth’s Centennial Pavillion, only twenty minutes from downtown Fort Worth, is the center of day camping, picnics and outings for YMCA, church, school and civic groups.  The gift of the Amon G. Carter Foundation, Camp Carter is operated by the Fort Worth YMCA.”

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