Memories: from 1940s to present

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Some long time YMCA members, volunteers and contributors reminisce about childhood memories at the YMCA, beginning in the 1940s. You can see the video at the link below.  It’s a quick 14 minute summary of many different memories of the Fort Worth YMCA.  You may recognize one of your neighbors in the video!

If you have memories to add, leave us a comment here on the blog and let us know your memories of learning to swim at the Y, playing sports with the Y or going to campouts at Camp Carter. 

Hope you enjoy the video!

Voices of the Fort Worth YMCA from Sarah Schoolfield on Vimeo.

1940-1950: The War Effort at Home

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The United States involvement in  World War II in the 40s brought much activity to Fort Worth. Though Camp Bowie had closed after WWI, the YMCA continued its involvement with servicemen by offering them a place to stay as they were traveling through or by organizing social events for soldiers, as detailed on the newsletter below.

Other photos depict the Downtown YMCA’s service and accomodation to the troops.

Fort Worth YMCA's War Effort

A comfy bunk at the Y was a traveling soldier's best friend

Even the gym was put in service to house service men

If you want to find out more about Fort Worth’s war efforts, both during WWI and WWII, visit this blog: and read a piece of Fort Worth history about the Arlington Heights area.  The blog features a downloadable ebook called “Fort Worth’s Huge Deal” which details a lot of history,  including the YMCA’s role in the former Camp Bowie while it was in operation during WWI.  A great way to continue your Memorial Day celebration!

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